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ABC School Of Music, in Houston, offers lessons for guitar, piano, voice, strings and bass guitar. Andrew Burt, owner of ABC, has over the years assembled a group of the most talented and dedicated music instructors in Houston.

ABC’s teachers are also writers and content creators. Many of the written materials used in our instrument programs are produced in-house by our teachers. ABC also has its own line of audio play-alongs for learning timing and rhythm, as well as our own practice videos. We are continually expanding our line of videos.

Our goal is to provide high quality music lessons, fun performance opportunities, and great customer service to every client. We cater to students of all ages, musical levels, and backgrounds.

ABC is a family owned and operated business, and we strive to provide a relaxed environment where anyone - child, teen, adult, or senior citizen, can have fun learning and playing music.

We invite you see what we have to offer, and discover your musical potential.

ABC's teachers are professional musicians, with formal training in music, "on the job" experience, and a love of music that is required to be a great music teacher.

Our teachers are friendly , patient, enthusiastic, organized, and share a wide range of experience teaching, performing, writing, and recording music.

In addition, many of our teachers have experience teaching music successfully to children and adults with Asperger’s syndrome, and other pervasive developmental disorders. No matter what your situation, If you have any questions, or have been discouraged in the past, please do not hesitate call or email us.

Any Questions?  Please email or call Laura Burt, our Office Manager with any questions.




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